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Livermore Home Price Dips to 2003 Level

I have discussed BART to Livermore project in my previous post, and you can read hereLivermore Home Price by - Kent HuIt makes me to think, “How has Livermore House Value been for the last 10 years?”  And how is the housing market in Livermore right now?  After my summarizing data from MLS database, here is my answer – Livermore current home price reaches low as 2003 level.
Here is the Livermore Housing Statistics since 2000, for detached single family with at least 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,500 square footage of living space,

2000 $667,697 184
2001 $697,500 104
2002 $705,000 212
2003 $745,500 208
2004 $862,000 235
2005 $1,040,000 189
2006 $1,081,250 196
2007 $1,037,500 164
2008 $834,500 146
2009 $768,475 146

As of today, Livermore home price (a typical 4-bedroom/2-bathroom/2,500 square footage detached home or larger) reaches $768,475, that’s 29% down from the highest value, $1,081,250 from 2006, and dips to almost 2003 level, $745,500.  With more details and timelines on BART extension to Livermore project being determined and proposed route and stations expected to reveal on March 2010, Livermore will probably become an even more popular and fast-growing city in the Tri-Valley area.  And now is probably a prefect opportunity to lock your dream home in Livermore as a great bargain!

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