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Google Goggles – Picture Search for Android Phones

Google Goggles (Labs) is the latest technology to use pictures taken with an Android mobile phone to search the web.  No need to type or even speak, just open the app, snap a picture in “left landscape” orientation, then wait for the search results.


Snap a picture of a book, DVD, landmark, logo, contact info, artwork, or barcode, you will get a search result page that shows you web links that most closely match the object or text in the picture.  Imagine taking a picture of a business card, you will get links to this person, email or call him directly, visit his company URL or add his contact info on your phone…  How cool is that!

You can also pinpoint nearby places by panning your phone around surroundings.  Once a good GPS signal is locked, you will see labels and icons tagged to the nearby businesses at the bottom right corner of your phone screen and by tapping the icon you can see the name, description, and other links to the business.

Visual Search technology is still in its infancy but the potential is endless.  All the photos that you have taken can be easily shared through Bluetooth, Facebook, Gmail, Android Messaging, or Picasa.

Android and Android Phones

Android is a mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel. It was initially developed by Android Inc., a firm later purchased by Google, and lately by the Open Handset Alliance.  Most of Android code is a free software and open source.  Followings are some Android phones offered through various service providers,













You can learn more from Google mobile help center –

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