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I-680 Express Lane Set to Open on September 20

Have you ever stuck on I-680 southbound and contemplated to sneak into the carpool lane?  On September 20, 2010, you will be able to hop onto an Express Lane on I-680 southbound even as a solo driver…

Alameda County I-680 Express Lane680-express-lane-map

  • START – Calveras at SR-84
  • END – Calaveras Road at SR-237
  • 3 Entry Points
  • 3 Exit Points
  • Total 14 miles
  • Charged to FasTrak toll account
  • Operational hours 5am to 8pm Monday through Friday
  • Carpools and eligible hybrid drivers can use the Express Lane for free (by removing toll tag from windshield);

The new I-680 Express Lane will be located on a 14-mile stretch of southbound Interstate 680 from Highway 84 to Highway 237; 11 miles of the project is in Alameda County, with 3 miles in Santa Clara County.  Solo drivers will need to obtain and mount a FasTrak toll tag on their windshields.  They will be charged a toll each time they choose to enter the express lane from their FasTrak account.  The existing I-680 southbound carpool lane is being converted to an Express Lane with new striping, three specific entry and exit points, overhead electronic signs and a FasTrak® electronic toll collection system.

Dynamic Pricing

Motorists with a FasTrak® toll tag can enter the Express Lane at three designated places. An overhead electronic sign will display the current toll being assessed. Toll costs will vary based on real-time traffic levels in the Express Lane to ensure traffic in the lane continues to flow.  During peak periods the toll will be higher than off-peak periods.  Electronic signs display the current toll and signs and lane striping alert you to access points for safe merging.

The I-680 Express Lane Solution

More detailed info on how express lane works can be read here –

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  1. lori says

    Does the 2person car poollane no toll fee apply at the dunbarton bridge, even thought
    it says fast track required. Theres a lane for fast trac and for carpoollori

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